Simple Guide To Apply Driving Licence In Bihar

How to Apply Driving Licence in Bihar

Bihar is a state in east India. It is the 13th largest state. Bihar population is 99.02 million Bihar capital is Patna. It is fastest growing state.

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A driving license is a document that states that a person may operate one or more types of motorized vehicles under the provision of the motor vehicles act 1988 in India.


The minimum age (18 years) to apply for a permanent license to drive a private vehicle.

A person who is at least 20 years old for processing a learnerís license can obtain a license for driving a vehicle. Also one thing he has to know about the traffic rules and regulations in all cases. To Obtain a learners license you will need to apply in the prescribed forms to the local transport office in your region, along with your required documents like

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Passport sized photographs

Proof of your age

Residence declaration of medical fitness certificates

The required fee

After verification of your documents, you will have to go through the online learners test. Before learners test the candidate should know everything about this test rules and regulations in usually a book of traffic rules, signs and regulations is provided with the application form. On passing the learners test, you will be issued a learners license if you fail the learners test, you will be given a chance to take the test again with same procedure. For applying a permanent license you must have a valid learner license, and must apply after 30 days and after applying issue of the learnerís license. You will be put through a driving test, for candidate must bring a vehicle with you on driving test on passing the driving test łthe licensing authority will be issued you a permanent driving license.