Park A Car Parking In A Bay Parking

Parking Car in Bay Parking

Bay parking

Bay parking is an essential skill to learn if you are parking in supermarket car parks the skills required to very simple to those needed for the reverse to the left or right

the candidate may have to do the reverse park exercise at the driving test since May 5th 1999

Reverse parking in to a bay must be carried out the test center at the start or end of the test.

so if your test center does not have a car park. You will not asked do this exercise in your test center but it has been known that how to park a car in bay parking and try to use to do bay parking, please check with your test center this exercise available or not.

Few things to remember while doing bay parking

the first thing is drive smoothly

Drive safely

the under control

the proper use of clutch, brakes and steering, accelerator

without crossing white bay marking

the examiner observe the all things like

the candidate aware the other road users

Keep looking all sides

the candidate can choose whether to reverse from the right or reverse from the left. When practicing on test center easily able to choose which way suits you best.

If you are asked to do these manoeuvres on your test

Look the layout markings

Proper use of mirrors and also use the traffic signals and maintain the constant speed

while driving observes the all around us

Reverse park as neatly as possible with your wheels straight

If candidate doing these man-oeuvres

Take your time to reverse parking

under control the car

the parking is safely and steadily

Check your car position between the lines it is must done before enter the car in bay parking

while driving car adjust the mirrors left side

the mirrors is set the usually setting before driving off