Easy Procedure to Apply Driving License in Bangladesh

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Apply for Bangladesh Driving License

The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority widely known as BRTA is the authority to issue drivers licenses in Bangladesh. The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority stationed in thirty two districts among the sixty two administrative circles in Bangladesh at the authority of Ministry of Communication and under the Motor Vehicle Ordinance 1983 regulates particular process and authorizes any person intending to drive vehicles. Which provides the facilities to hold thorough driving tests those determine if an applicant is able to abide by certain rules and get the license to drive motor vehicle or not.

It is complicated process to get a driving license in Dhaka even after you pass the test it may take three months or more to get the driving license ID.

Very Interestingly international driving license processing procedure is not so complicated. The person can apply for an international driving license from Motor driving Association of Bangladesh and process it within ten days. The persons who are planning to go to North America or Europe international driving license is very much important for them.

The Bangladesh Road Transport Authority describes according to Act. Section-3 of Motor Vehicles Ordinance 1983.

In order to drive a motor vehicle in a public place every one must have driving license and for obtaining a driving license the person should hold a learner driving license before appearing the driving test.

Related Application for the learners driving license is to be submitted to the licensing authority in the prescribed form along with related papers and fees according to the rules of the office. Applicant not being a foreign national must be able to write and read either English or Bengali. The Successful candidate of the driving test has to submit application in the prescribed form to the licensing authority along with the related papers and fees.

As per law Section No4 also states the minimum age to apply for a non professional license is eighteen years and a person has twenty years to apply for a professional license. Nobody under eighteen years of age can drive a motor vehicle in Bangladesh and nobody under 20 years age can have it as a profession

The procedure for applicant is as follows

1. You need to get the forms.

2. You need to Submit Application form with four copies of Photos one Passport size photo and three Stamp Size photos along with the Passport Photocopy.

3. Get the Photocopy of Driving License or License receipt and pay 2500Tk as Fees that is along with Application form.

Note: There are different types of Driving License.

International driving license professional and non professional driving license.