Procedure to Get Vehicle Permit in Bangladesh

Vehicle Permit Bangladesh

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Motorcyclists have same rights and responsibilities on public roads as other highway users anyone who operates a motorcycle must have a current valid motorcycle driving license motorcycle permits from other states are not recognized

A vehicle permit can be replaced reissued in the name of the current owner recorded on the vehicle registration system if plates are attached to the vehicle the permit issued will contain both the plate and vehicle portions. For the UN plated vehicle you will also receive a permit with both portions but the plate portion will not have any information about the plate owner. The permit is intended to overcome the difficulties drivers might have while traveling in other countries that may have widely varying licensing requirements. The International driving permit is a special license for tourists authorized by United Nations conventions on road safety in 1923, 1943, 1949 and 1968. Nearly one hundred eighty countries are signatories

The International driving permit is printed in several language the five official UN languages English French Spanish Russian and Chinese plus German Arabic Italian the both Scandinavian language and Portuguese language. It is valid in all the signatory countries and in addition many other countries that did not sign the treaty recognize the permit and accept it in their territories

An International driving permit is easy to obtain if you know where to apply more on that later does not require a driving test and is available for a small fee in fact it is an official translation of your domestic driverís license

For replacing the permit of a vehicle registered you visit a driver and vehicle license issuing office then complete an application for registration so please bring the proof of personal identification

Specific foreign applicant must submit the following required documents

The original passport and the photocopies of visa page and identification page and the proof of residence in Indonesia which shows foreigners current address as registered with the Catalan Spiel he is the local mayorís office or administrative unit and the doctorís certificate

In order to get valid driverís permit license either from the home country or an international driving license submit the both original and a photocopy

An International driving permit contrary to what its name suggests is not a universally valid driverís license and it is based on an international treaty and only valid among contracting parties nations. There are one hundred ninety nations on the earth and there are many international treaties among these nations concerning the permission to drive motor vehicles. All these treaties are regionally based like among countries in Europe ASEAN American Continent etc.


The permit licence is non renewable and it is issued once per applicant only