How to Get Driving License?

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After staying in Taiwan for more then sixty days you need to get your International driver permit stamped with a driving Visa procedure is very simple and free Just take out your International driverís license foreign driverís license one passport sized photo and your passport to the department of motor vehicles. They will give you a driving valid visa for the duration of your A R C or visitors visa and International driverís license.


There are few prerequisites for obtaining driverís license Registered alien residence certificate with at least one year validity period by validity I mean that your alien residence certificate must be valid for one year not one year left in its validity.

They examine your report issued explicitly for driving a four wheel car it will be done mostly at hospitals the cost for testing health exam is under NT dollars there are 200 more or less and it takes about five minutes the staff will record your weight eyesight height then the doctor will check that you are not color blind you have two hands that are working and you are able to squat.

Your passport and foreign driverís license if you have and three passport size photos in color.

For obtaining drivers license in Taiwan such as the motorcycle driverís license and four wheelers drivers license there are three steps first step learners permit second step written test and the third step is practical test are as follows.

Simple and easy first Step learners permit for obtaining driverís license in Taiwan.

In order to get a drivers license you must first have at least three months of driving experience if you dont have a drivers license from your home country you must go to the department of motor vehicles to get a learners license by the learners license you are permitted to drive on driving courses and special streets. You can also be enrolling in driving school but this will be expensive and time consuming also.

Second Step written test for obtaining drivers license in Taiwan.

The written test is really easy an assortment of forty true false multiple choice and sign recognition questions by easy I mean easy in theory The truth is be prepared to fail a few times before you achieve a passing score of eighty five percent the test is originally in Chinese and although you have a choice of language the language on the test is improperly translated. My advice learns the improper translations. Mine took over five years to track down a homemade study guide. The registration fee including the first attempt is NT four hundred fifty dollars all subsequent attempts will cost NT two hundred twenty five dollars once you have passed the test then you need to register for the practical test.

Third Step Practical test for obtaining dollars drivers license in Taiwan.

This is the final part of the process driving the car if you just passed the written portion you need to go back to register for the practical test the fee is NT dollars 84 if you are retesting you must pay fee of NT dollars 225 and if necessary rental a care for NT dollars 120.

If you fail in the practical portion of the drivers license test then you must wait for seven days more before retesting the drivers license test.

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