How to Get Driving License?

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You can drive a car in Yemen under an International driving license if you have arrived on a visit or business visa but not an NOC the International driving license must be insured and only lasts the length of your Visit Visa generally one month

If you entered Yemen under an N O C you apply for a temporary driving license until your residency procedures are completed and you have your civil ID after which a full license can be obtained which takes almost two months so you should apply for two months temporary driving license only

The procedure is as follows

Obtain a translation of driving license and take a Xerox copy of your driving license your Embassy can help you in this matter for further proceedings and the translation must be attested from your Embassy as well for further safety now the cost of this will be 15KD or more but some people can get it done this work for more cheaper also.

Entire workers at the Yemen embassy counter only at the same time you can register at the embassy as a citizen of your respective country residing in Yemen.

After that you must go to the ministry of foreign affairs which is located in another street and get attested of all your required papers documents and certificates which is translated and again it cost 4KD or more according to the submission of your papers in the ministry of foreign affairs an Arabic speaking minder is recommended for you to help through the systems of Yemen country.

Then you have to obtain an application form from the Police traffic department here is where you could run into difficulty since you are supposed to go to the traffic department in the area in which you live for more periods. More over many people have managed to get sorted out at nearest traffic department it really depends upon the official who deals with your application forms and get the minder to fill in the application form in Arabic only but not in English.

Ask to any of the senior officer he will ask you to see the director of the traffic department who hopefully will sign to say you do not need to take a Yemeni driving Test.

Here remaining steps are really in the hands of your minder and luck but all the process is possible at traffic department you end up with a two months driving license.

The permanent driving license is only obtainable when you have got your residency and civil ID an eyesight test in addition to the one you will need for your residency and a blood group certificate again use your minder to get through the systems and make all the Xerox copy of every document which you have attested.

Note: You cannot get your permanent driving license without your civil ID which lasts for ten years permanently with any objections.

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