Procedure To Get Driving License in Nigeria

Applying an International Driving License at Nigeria

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For getting an International driving permit in Nigeria here is what you need as a valid local drivers license and some cash ranging from N 6000 to N 11000 more or less depending upon the years of validity you have requested then lastly two recent passports sized colored photographs 2" X 2" taken with full face.

Then finally you have to locate the federal road safety corporation command which is nearest to you. For assisting the links below are the addresses of the unit sector and zonal commands of the federal road safety corporations.

Ordinarily you will be subjected for driving tests before the document will be issued to you.

After they get your bio data and then they will give you a date to come back for the collection of your documents.

In case you are in an area where the federal road safety corporation there does not offer this service in their command you can send your details to any friends or relatives residing in the main cities. They can help you for applying that is known as nonappearance issuance. Forget the officials speak it simply means that you will get the documents without having to appear at the command.

How long does it last?

The international driving permit comes with different validity periods and each comes with its own price tag the lowest duration is for one year priced at around N6 000while the highest is for three years priced at around N 11000 more or less.

You can also get a validity period of two years at around N 8000 more or less so you can choose how many years you want to pay which depending upon how many years you are staying abroad.

In case if you do learn in any other ways of doing these please post them in the comments so I can update you for further visitors. With best regards.


Ideally before you can get a drivers license in Nigeria you would have to take some driving tests for the issuing authority to make sure that you really know how to drive before handing an international license. Mind it this is Nigeria and being a local beneficial with regards for getting an International driving license that can be readily for use in abroad.


Word on the street is that you have to pay some cash to pacify the officials and also send a scanned copy of your signature. THIS IS A CRIME takes care.