Procedure To Get Driving License Tunisia

Tunisian driving information

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To drive a car in Tunisia foreign visitors need to have their valid driver licenses and International driving permits which are valid in your residence of country. A person who resides in Tunisia may also convert his driver license into a Tunisian driver license for that the applicant should have a confirmation of the validity of his driver license from the office issued that driver license. To rent a car in Tunisia the driver age should be more than twenty one years.

The minimum age for driving a car is 18 years or above. While driving all drivers must carry their valid driver license and a car registration documents insurance certificates and etc.

In Tunisia driving is on the right side of the road. While driving a car seat belts are mandatory. Many times drivers of Tunisia tend to be quite polite. The speed limit of a car is 110 km per hour and turning a car on right side on the red light is not permitted. While driving a car does not use alcohol and mobile phones it is prohibited.

In Tunisia the police often use speed radar especially on the highways. Drivers may be stopped for inspection by Traffic police officers at any time. There are likely to be numerous police road blocks though the police rarely stop foreigners and check so you should slow down when approaching the police check post and generally you will be waived. As per my experience the police are helpful and polite and are unlikely to try to extract an unofficial fine from a foreigner.

In the case of any detention one should immediately request that the police inform his Embassy of his whereabouts.

Tunisia age restrictions for hiring a car in Tunisia the candidate must be at least twenty one years of age and the license should have one year validity. A1 A2 and A3 highways are subject to a toll payment in Tunisia.